Welcome to SEASPA!

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School Parent Association


SEASPA Mission Statement:
Welcome to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School Parent Association (SEASPA). We are a
volunteer run parent organization dedicated to building a SEAS community, both on and off our
school campuses.

Our mission is to foster a connection between parents, teachers, staff, parish, and all students
of SEAS. We sponsor social events, fundraising events, and volunteer opportunities for SEAS
families to get to know each other and to support one another throughout the school year. Our
goal is to reach as many students and families as possible with the events we sponsor and the
money we raise.

 For questions or inquiries please feel free to email the committee at seaspa@seas-school.org




Committee Members:

Amy Clark
Julie Eberwine
Vicki Englin
Kristin Fasbender
Michelle Franzmeier
Brenda Green
Stephanie Helland
Heidi Homb
Patty Klingner
Andrea Maher
Alison Renneke*
Bernadette Schaeffer
Heidi Sellars
Sheila Steinmetz